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Project Description
Open Dotnet CMS is a lightweight solution for pictures and XML content management for your web site. It is based on SQL Server and Web services, in order to be fully integrated in your web sites. Open CMS Console is the admin/editor tool based on Open Dotnet CMS Web services.

The documentation center is available here: Open Dotnet CMS Documentation Center.

This project is a part of a more global project named Open Enterprise Application Platform, which is composed of four main framework or platform:

Project Description
Enovatics Foundation Library A lightweight O/R Mapping solution for data access layers based on stored procedures, Strongly Typed cache management, CSV management, and a unified logging system.
Open Portal Foundation A lightweight foundation framework for creating scalable portals.
Open Dotnet CMS (this project) A lightweight solution for manage XML contents and pictures for your web sites.
Open SOA Platform Runtime environment management (PROD, DEV, ...) , application and services versionning, SLA, activity monitoring.


Project Vision

Written in C# .NET 2.0, Open Dotnet CMS should provides a minimal set of Web services in order to be a fully integrable content management solution for all kinds of projects.


Architecture overview

Open Dotnet CMS solution is composed of three sets of components : the backoffice, a client content management application, and the thirds party clients applications, like Line Of Business applications or Web sites.


Web services

Open Dotnet CMS Web services are the followings :

Service name Description
WebContent.asmx Gets published contents
Preview.asmx Gets draft contents
Search.asmx Content search (alpha version)
Channel.asmx channel management (directories)
Document.asmx document management (xml content files)
Media.asmx media management (jpg, bmp, png files or others)

Data model

The data model is very compact in order to be quickly undersdandable and for administration purposes.

Open Dotnet CMS compact data model

Content Management Console

A console management is provided as a default administration and content editor tool for Open Dotnet CMS

Main dialog

Content Management Console Extensibility and customization

By default, content editor provides a basic interface. But you can extends it by creating your specific content editor and picture editor. This configuration is located into the openCms.Console section of the App.config.

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